Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Fever

Every once in a while I get one of those days, a day without pain, when I can almost forget about the TOS.  Today is one of those days. It's my day off from work.  I completed all of the tasks on my to do list.  I gave an hour to the food pantry at  my church. I went out for lunch with my husband.  I'm writing this post.  And is it a coincidence that today also happens to be a near spring-like day in early March?  Temperatures in the low 60's, mild breeze, sunshine.  Maybe it's just a touch of spring fever, but I'll take it, and revel in every moment. 

Funny thing about chronic pain.  When it's got me in its grip, I can't do much of anything.  I do only as much as I can of what's really got to be done, and let the rest slide for a better day. Then the better day comes, and I feel like taking on the world, but I hang back, because the threat of spiralling back down into the coccoon of exacerbated pain and all it requires nips at the edges of my comfort level.  Just one wrong move, one minute too long at the keyboard, one overly complicated recipe, can be the catalyst for a flare-up, and I'm back on the couch with the heating pads, the TENS unit, the NSAIDs. 

So although many people may see a day like today as an ordinary day, I see it as a gift, precious hours and minutes when I am free to be the me I want to be, the me I was before the TOS.