Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Pain Diary

One of the characteristics that chronic pain sufferers share is the willingness to try anything within reason to eliminate, relieve, or manage  their pain. This may lead to an eclectic collection of over the counter and prescription medications, some or none of which may be effective; pain relieving rubs, creams, oils, and gels of dubious effect; and gadgets and gizmos that may or may not  live up to their manufacturers' claims.

I confess, I have my share of pain pills, preparations, and pain relief tools, the most recent of which is an iPhone app called My Pain Diary: Chronic Pain Management, which is about the most helpful app I own. It's super easy to use, and works just like its developer says it should.  Let me tell you more about it.

Developed by a man named Damon, who lives with RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), the award-winning My Pain Diary is completely customizable and allows you to keep track of several pain conditions at once. Even better, you create your own list of conditions rather than pick from a pre-selected list. You also create your own lists of:
  •  trigger factors
  •  adjectives that describe your particular pain
  •  the specific parts of your body affected
  •  the remedies you use to gain relief 
Tracking the intensity of pain is easy, either by using numbers (0-10) or faces (emoticons). 

To track even more information, you can add notes at the end of each entry.

Like pictures? You can include them in your entries.

And, if you suspect the weather may be a catalyst for pain, you can keep track of it, too.

The app also lets you graph your data, which allows you to analyze your pain history and look for common patterns.

You can  also create a written report, which can be shared with your doctor and other pain management practitioners via email or print.

All this for $1.99.

I could go on with more features and benefits, but I'll let you look into for yourself. My Pain Diary:Chronic Pain Management